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Mortgages121, established in 2013, prides itself on high customer service and transparency. Located in the City of London, Mortgages121 was set up as part of the Quilter Financial Planning Network.  The network is owned by Quilter Plc, who is listed on the London Stock Exchange. 
Having specialised in UK based International Financial Institutions (IFIs) since September 2013, we possess a comprehensive understanding of both the tax status and pay structure therein. Thus, ensuring mortgage applications are processed smoothly for a positive outcome.
We provide trusted mortgage and protection advice. Working together with clients, we strive to reduce the stress of finding the right mortgage and recommend how to protect your mortgage, family and lifestyle.
Our promise to you is that we will always treat you fairly.
You can expect in all our dealings that we will:
  • Treat you as we would expect to be treated
  • Never take advantage of you
  • Be open and honest
  • Quickly put right any mistake that we make
We aim to provide you with the most suitable outcomes to achieve your financial goals. Through expert advice and effective planning, we ensure the mortgage recommendation is not only right for you today but for tomorrow.
To find a mortgage or protection solution that suits your needs, contact Mortgages121 today.

Gurjit Sandhu

Mortgage Broker

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B.Eng (Hons) | CeMAP Qualified
Since 2004, I have been providing mortgage and protection advice and offer a whole of market mortgage service. I have spent the majority of my career in the City of London, working on a self-employed basis. 
Returning from working overseas, in search of a new career, I began to attend property auctions to buy and sell investment properties. To gain a holistic understanding of this industry, a thorough knowledge of mortgages was vital. This led me to achieve my CeMAP qualification, becoming a mortgage and protection specialist. 
Taking a pragmatic approach to each enquiry, I ensure each application is handled with the efficiency and care that I would expect to receive.
Having organically grown my business from the ground up, I attribute my success to the fact that I have established myself and the company through client referrals alone. My clients range from first-time buyers to experienced landlords and high/ultra-high net worth clients.

Selection of our Providers

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